Shakespeer y Shakespeare.

acontece en un cruce improbable de dos sentidos.

El primero, en la unión de dos palabras: shake [-up] (sacudir, agitar, remover bruscamente; debilitar, desalentar... pero también zafarse, liberarse). Y peer que, en una de sus acepciones señala a quienes son pares en un grupo (por edad, posición social y/o habilidades) y en laotra acepción describe la posesión de título nobiliario en el Reino Unido (esto incluye a quienes alcanzan honor de
Lord y por eso su lugar en la Cámara).

El segundo sentido es más intuitivo: la similitud fonética con el apellido del genial William, quien conocía varios (más) de los vericuetos del corazón humano.

En ese cruce breve, en ese chispazo más que improbable, en ese enlace natural, se despliega este blog.


I want to be cool... II

I. Gabrielle’s mother died in 1889. With only six years old her father sent her away to rather nasty aunts - just like in Cinderella’s story. They gave some needles and threads and name her as ‘Coco’ which means ‘little pet’. Gabrielle thinks about death almost every day. But one summer her aunts sent Coco with her grandfather to Vichy in France. There she met a mysterious gentleman -- whose identity was never reveal and she always referred to him as ‘M.B’. That man showed her the great French world, fashion, glamour, everything... only if Gabrielle accept to be his unique companion. Gabrielle wasn’t in love but discovered in him a great chance to get out from her misery and NEVER came back to those annoying aunts. They lived in Pau near the Pyrenean and just there she met her truly love: Boy Capel. They run away together and about those times she began her successful career. During the WWII opened up her first clothing workshop and gave to her designs the comfort and simplicity that times were asking for...

II. Ignacio de Loyola, also known as the Compañía de Jesús creator, achieves his Holiness by the example from other people. He was the youngest of seven brothers and live in a very prosperous home. He had Juan de Velásquez as a tutor which was theman who left the boy to the Fernando de Aragón and Isabel de Castilla court. Lately, Ignacio joint the Army and was an outstanding martial professional. In 1521 during the French took over in Pamplona was badly wounded and had to return to the Castle. Meanwhile his recovering, he asked for some Chevaliery books to his sister but there wasn’t any… just books about Saints lives and the Holy Bible. So he began to read those and because of them decided to become a God’s man. He left the well-off life and end up as a priest: Saints turns a warrior into a man of Faith...

I still want to be cool, like these people too.

I want to be cool... I

I. They say before die, Thirteenth Lama left some signs about his forecomming reincarnation in Tibet. Some apprentices left his body pointing to the South - a traditional position according the Buddhism. The next morning, his head was aiming the Northwest. So everybody understood: was already time to the Lhamo Lhatso lake holy journey (of course placed at the Northwest) in order to receive one more sign. And so they had: One of those apprentices beholds some images of the Tibet Mountains and an Ancient Monastery aside with a golden and green roof. The quest group for the next Dalai goes to the Taktser town where they did found a monastery like the waters had shown. From one house came out a two years old joyful boy and ask to the Abbot Sera to give as a present to him the hanging sutra carried in his ropes. It had belonged to the deceased Lama. Estrangers subject the boy to several proves, and the little boy always choose the Dalai Lama things. The quest has finally reached its end. There he was: a servant’s son who live next to a Monastery in Kumbum and also the Fourteenth Lama, meant to be the Buddhist world leader.

II. Helen Keller was wealthy Arthur and Kate's daughter, born in Alabama (USA) in 1880. The little girl catches a diseased which left her blind and deaf before turns two years old. Family’s Doctor, the notorious Alexander Graham Bell, recommends taking Helen to the 'Deaf & Blind Institute' in Boston. In there they met Anne Sullivan, an Irish orphan young woman who accept to teach little Helen. Anne putted a doll in Helen hands and then wrote in the girl’s palm the word ‘doll’. Seems the method did work out and just only two years later, Helen mastered the Braille System and wanted to become familiarize with human voices. To achieve it the girl just put her hand in Anne’s throat and perceived its vibrations as the teacher talks. Helen went to Wight-Humason School (for deaf children) and learned Math, Geography, Physics, German and French. But that wasn’t enough, and Helen held up the studying and got her School degree with honors.

I want to be cool, just like these people.